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Natural Solutions to the Health Challenges of Modern Life

At VitalBeing we can help you regain your vitality and physical wellbeing — naturally!

Too many of us come unstuck on our quest for optimum health because we set unattainable goals, get sidetracked by fad diets and more importantly don't ask the question 'is this right for my body'. Instead of being energized by the food on our plates we end up tired and exhausted.

At VitalBeing our healthy living programme is based on evidenced based nutritional science not fads or gimmicks.

Most importantly we tailor our recommendations specifically to your body and whatever unique challenges you are facing, helping you rebuild your health from the inside out.

The VitalBeing Approach

How it works

The process starts by identifying systemic imbalances in the body, many of which are caused by modern western diets. Once this analysis is complete a personalized lifestyle programme tailored to meet your specific needs is created that will support your health goals.

Who will benefit?

Everyone can benefit from adopting the VitalBeing approach to health and nutrition however we are particularly experienced in supporting clients with chronic health issues

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There is nothing more personal than your health! Your diet and healthy living plan has to meet your body's unique needs or it simply will not work. We create personalised treatment plans that are distinctive to your body and will work with your lifestyle.



Being healthy isn't meant to be all about deprivation, sacrifice, and pain. If it's not fun then it won't be achievable. We will help you set targets that are realistic and attainable and will be a positive influence towards a happy, energetic, and fulfilled life.



Food can be used to rebuild health from the ground up! We are passionate about using nutrition as medicine; optimum health can be achieved and maintained without the use of unnecessary medication.

About me

VitalBeing is run by Amelia Watts (BSc, MSC, CHEK IV).

Amelia is a highly qualified and passionate Nutritional Consultant with over 15 years experience of helping clients achieve their health and wellbeing goals.

Amelia's holistic approach combines nutrition, fitness and functional medicine and is born out of a combination of academic and professional qualifications as well as practical experience of helping hundreds of clients succeed in reaching their goals

Amelia has both a BSc and MSc in Sport Science from Loughborough University as well as C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 4 qualification from the prestigious C.H.E.K Institute.

She is currently completing the Functional Medicine University Certification Programme.

She has written columns in numerous national newspapers and magazines including The Times and The Guardian and guest featured on BBC radio London.

Amelia uses the VitalBeing approach to support her own ultra endurance running. She finished 5th woman in the 2013 Marathon Des Sables, believed to be the toughest footrace on Earth, and 12th woman in the 2015 100 mile Ultra Trail du Month Blanc. Her marathon personal best is 3 hours and 3 minutes.

Correct nutrition and a balanced lifestyle is an integral part of maintaining a healthy body and mind.



Health Coaching

Correct nutrition and a balanced lifestyle are an integral part of maintaining a
healthy body and mind.

The modern western diet and lifestyle is responsible for a wide range of common symptoms and illnesses. If these causes are ignored, and left to develop, these imbalances very often lead to chronic discomfort and eventually disease.

VitalBeing specialises in treating a number of such conditions, including:

  • Excess body fat
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome - diarrhoea and/or constipation
  • Parasites and fungal infections
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Chronic fatigue and low energy
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Skin complications including acne and eczema
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Food allergies and intolerances
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Blood sugar imbalances and cravings
  • Frequent colds and virus'
  • Chronic pain

By considering the body as a "system of systems", we use a range of diagnostic tools that look beyond symptoms to isolate the underlying root cause(s). Such causes may originate in the physical body, the mind, or even our emotions

This approach to health and wellbeing will educate, empower and support you every step of your journey.

We can help you integrate the changes into your life at a manageable and achievable pace that will help you take control of your own health for the long term.

Once the root cause is identified I work with my clients to design a tailored nutrition, lifestyle and support programme, with a step-by-step personalised plan.


Fuelling for Endurance

Endurance sport is brutal! It takes true grit and determination to cross the finishing line as you put your body and mind through prolonged stress.

Whether you are embarking on your first marathon or are a seasoned endurance athlete, your diet is integral to the success or failure of any endurance challenge. The difference between the average and the exceptional performance is wholesome meals made from the right nutritious, high quality, natural ingredients.

VitalBeing can support your training to help maximise performance and minimise physical load by designing customised nutrition plans that will give you that all-important edge.

We can work with you to prepare for training and competitions by choosing the right foods that sustain your energy to perform your best as well as help protect your body from the rigours of endurance training.

Public Speaking and Health Consulting

VitalBeing is able to provide tailored talks at industry and corporate events that are suitable for a wide variety of audiences. We can cover a wide range of topics and recent lectures delivered include:

  • Nutritional Myths; Simplifying Health
  • Enduring: the Ultra Marathoner's guide to achieving the ultimate
  • Ergonomic Comfort in the workplace.

We can make complex nutrition, exercise and lifestyle topics entertaining, accessible and inspirational. A talk from VitalBeing is ideal to be delivered as part of any corporate wellbeing programme

Please email for more information about how we can create talks to suit your company's specific needs

Chris O'Kane / Aspen Insurance Holdings

Amelia's insights come from a deep and profound knowledge, her presentations are clear, insightful, relaxed and amusing

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Jatinder T

Amelia has a wealth of knowledge on nutrition, diagnostics, supplementation and has been a massive help to me

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John K

The results have been fantastic. She has always been patient and understanding...

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Consultation Information

Consultations can take place in the comfort and convenience of your own home, sports club, place of work, or at a private studio in Mayfair, Central London. Skype consultations are available for those living outside London.

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